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    Brighter Diamond like to offer our customer a helpful few tips of how to buy a diamonds on a limited & smart budget. 1-a- Save Hundreds if not thousands by picking up a diamond clarity of less than perfect (Or with some flaws / inclusions, that almost invisible to the human eyes) from F to SI1, SI2, or SI3. b- Pick a smaller than 1 carat diamond, as long as it weight under .95 ( .95=6.35mm) 2- Clear Color, Pick grade G-J as will cost you a lot less than the colorless & expensive D-F 3- Choose 14K gold or palladium. as they are stronger metals than the 18-24k and much less expensive too. 4- Buy many smaller diamonds as a group together, as they are cheaper than 1 big diamond. 5- Find a coupon and look for a great online deal, as the deals above in this page.
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